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About Amanda

In 2012 I became pregnant with my child. It was unexpected and a very emotional ordeal. For much of my adult life I have struggled financially, just as so many have struggled. Becoming a pregnant single mother as well as being low income was a hard road, but I had many friends and family who were there to support me (while my baby’s father was not). I moved in with my mom for a year.  Her direct help, the support of both my parents, and all my family members was what I needed in a very hard time. That support is what sent me on a path of support for families in my community. Being one of the first to bring food, sibling care, and cleaning support to the friends with new babies not knowing that this was something I could provide to all families. After moving back to Seattle I began nannying. A job I took so I could still be with my child all day. Nannying has been an amazing adventure for my kiddo and I, building new family and community in the families that I have worked with while becoming immersed in early childhood development. My experiences have naturally transitioned me to Postpartum work. Bringing support to families of all walks of life (and very importantly, to me, women who have walked a path similar to mine). My biggest strength in life is building community and strong relationships, I find myself really getting to know my clients as friends, and continue to be apart of their lives even after my work is done.

When you hire me, to work with your family, you are hiring a new family member.

  • Birth Doula training at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations, January 2017.

  • Welcoming Black and Native Families into Your Practice seminar at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations, June 2017.

  • Postpartum Doula Skills training at the Simkins Center for Allied Birth Vocations, October 2017.

  • Birth Doula with Open Arms Perinatal Services.

  • 2019 Kitsap Resiliency Conference

  • Newborn Care Solutions

Interests outside of Doula work

Gardening and raising chickens

Family Bicycling


Self defense, including: Krav Maga, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Boxing.


Painting commissioned and personal artwork