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Postpartum Packages,

can be purchased in advance and set to the schedule that works best for you.

Packages include one 30 minute get-to-know-you meeting and a 1 hour Bringing Home the Baby consultation

Hourly rate: $40

10 Hour, Daytime Postpartum Package- $320

22 Hour, Daytime Postpartum Package- $700

45 Hour, Daytime Postpartum Package-$1,296

3- Eight Hour Overnights Postpartum Package- $960

  • Overnight care of the infant (s)

  • Light house keeping and laundry

  • Meal prep

24 Hour Sibling Care Package - $500

  • Or Hourly rate of $35 and hour.

    • Includes three 1 hour play dates with the child (ren), myself, and parents.

Birth & Postpartum Doula Support Package- $1500

(with a $200 retainer fee at hire)

For clients who would like a full circle of care with me

Three pre-birth meetings (30 min to an hour each)

One 1 hour in home bringing home the baby consultation

On call two weeks leading up to the birth

Birth of your child (varying hours)

10 hours of Postpartum care


*Sliding scale for low income families is available. Please do not hesitate to email me at

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